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  • Trouble communicating? We have a useful strategy to help you get communicating openly and clearly.
  • Fighting and yelling? We will teach you rules to fight fair and learn to enjoy your relationship.
  • Infidelity, cheating, affairs? We help you work through ending the affair, resolving hurts, learning to ask for and give forgiveness, and having a stronger relationship in the future.
  • Pornography? It’s every man’s battle (and sometimes for women). You will learn the triggers that lead to viewing porn, learn to focus your attention on your mate, and have a fulfilling relationship with her (or him).

Call upon our team of expert marriage and couples counselors


Joe R. Taylor

Joe R. Taylor

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist LMFT46406


Jessica Wilkerson, MA

Jessica Wilkerson

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern IMF69783 under the supervision of Joe R. Taylor, MA, LMFT CA#46406


Robert Ponce

Robert Ponce

Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker, CA#ASW60924 under the supervision of Joe R. Taylor, MA, LMFT, CA#LMFT46406


Brandi Callison

Marriage Family Therapist Intern, LMFT46406 under the supervision of Joe R. Taylor, MA, LMFT, CA#LMFT 46406


Shelley Bullen

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, MS, #LMFT53253


At Chico Creek Counseling we understand that life can get complicated, relationships can be difficult. They can be our source of great joy or great pain. We listen. We walk with you through difficult times in your relationship. When needed, we help you find effective communication tools and give you guidelines for working through conflict and transitions in your relationships.

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