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  • Poor attention, hyperactive? We can help improve your child’s attention, and help him/her be more calm
  • Not Obeying? We’ve been very successful in reducing children’s tantrums: hitting, biting, kicking, screaming.
  • Grief and Loss? Has your child experienced a traumatic event, such as loss of a loved one or parent’s divorce? Or has your child experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse or witnessed violence in the home? We have expertise in helping children and their families who have experienced these kinds of events.

Call upon our team of expert child counselors


Robert Ponce

Robert Ponce

Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker, CA#ASW60924 under the supervision of Joe R. Taylor, MA, LMFT, CA# LMFT46406


Jessica Wilkerson, MA

Jessica Wilkerson

Marriage & Family Therapist Intern, IMF69783 under the supervision of Joe R. Taylor, MA, LMFT CA#46406



Brandi Callison

Marriage Family Therapist Intern, LMFT46406 under the supervision of Joe R. Taylor, MA, LMFT, CA#LMFT 46406


Shelley Bullen

Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, MS, #LMFT53253

At Chico Creek Counseling your child is important to us. Our goal is to listen effectively so that your child can communicate what is important to him/her. We offer our assistance to sort out hurts, problems, and any issues that may be of hindrance for your child.

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